ToulÉco is a daily digital information newspaper published by the press company Dark Side Media. It relates and explains economic news everyday in Occitanie region. Our group has existed for 12 years.

Every three months we publish a paper magazine. We also deal with environmental and ecological information through

Its editorial staff is made up of journalists specializing in different sectors of the regional economy.

Present on newsstands since 2009, ToulÉco developed on paper publications to answer the demands of its readership. In addition to quarterly publications magazine which are approved by the commission joint venture, DS Media publishes

several ‘special issues’ magazines per year on dedicated themes, such as employment and training, or even the events sector. Eight print publications are thus edited each year: four quarterly and four ‘special issues’. For each quarterly, three editions are published, for three different towns: Toulouse, Montpellier and Tarn.

Selled in newsstand, ToulEco releases between 6,000 and 10,000 magazines, dependinig on the different parutions, in all the Occitanie region. What’s more, ToulEco and its publications benefit from a direct network with its partnerships, which can receive up to several hundreds of copies each.

Moreover, ToulEco’s newspaper hold more than 5,000 suscribers.

ToulEco is a entire website dedicated to economic informations in the south of France, more precisely in the Occitanie region. Its editorial staff deciphers and places current events and entreprises stories in perspective. Futhermore, ToulEco has multiple sub-divisons such as ToulEmploi, which deals with employment and formations ; ToulEco Green, which depicts environment topicality, or ToulEco TV, a video portal on economic news.

The measured global audience reports an average reading of around 10,000 visits daily on the article sections. Reading peaks exceed often 15,000 visits.

The web audience of the website is now measured by the CMPA. In its December 2020 ranking, the Alliance for Press and Media Figures is state

of an average of 98,564 visits (ACPM figures, average obtained from July to December 2020). Figures to which should be added those of the subcategories main website: ToulEmploi, ToulÉco Tarn, ToulÉco Green, ToulÉco TV, which constitute 40% of the global audience.

To summarize :

> 10,000 visits per day

> 98,500 visits per month on > 138,000 visits per month for all sites

Besides ToulEco organized severals BtoB events

> Cybersecurity Meetings in Occitanie, on computer security

> The ‘123 Climat Forum’, which deals with sustainable developpment > The Forum on professional retraining, organised by ToulEmploi

The Occitan region is located in the south west of France. This area is delimited by the Pyrenees and therefore Spain, and by the Mediterranean Sea. The main cities are Montpellier, Perpignan, Nîmes, Carcassonne.