Grupa WM is the biggest media group in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship, based in Olsztyn, the capital of the region. Since the beginning of its activity in 2001 the company has been providing the residents of Warmia and Mazury with reliable local information. The company’s mission is to meet the society’s needs for information at every level of locality: the whole province, counties, towns, cities and villages.

Grupa WM is a publisher of press and Internet services as well as an organiser of events and special campaigns. It publishes the daily newspaper Gazeta Olsztyńska/Dziennik Elbląski, 19 weekly magazines (including Gazeta Ostródzka, Goniec Bartoszycki, Rozmaitości Ełckie, Gazeta Piska, Gazeta Nidzicka), thematic monthlies (including “Rolnicze ABC”), special publications (including “Biznes Warmii i Mazur”) and magazines (“Bez Gorsetu”, “Warmia&Mazury”, “Magazyn turystyczny”). 

“Gazeta Olsztyńska”, which next year will celebrate the 135th anniversary of the first issue. Gazeta Olsztyńska is a regional daily newspaper, covering the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship (the region of north-eastern Poland). “Gazeta Olsztyńska” is older than GWM – the company continues the tradition of publishing the newspaper, which was first published on 16 April 1886.