Mission – We want to create reliable regional media, which want to develop their surrounding region and by that the European Union itself.

Vision – We want to be a partner of the European institutions, which represents all member countries and the European Union environment. We want to become a key network to make regional media more independent and innovative.

Values – Independence, Integrity, Cooperation, Diversity, Internationality, Regionality, Credibility, Europeanism, Multiculturalism, Inclusiveness, Tolerance, Sustainability, Reliability

Strategic objectives:

1. To have at least one representative in each EU and EEA country by 2023.

2. To create a media business models laboratory in 2021 – to develop and increase the income tools of network members

3. Journalism Forum – to facilitate access to knowledge for journalists of our members – every year

4. Youth forum – to engage young people in the media

5. At least two annual meetings with the European institutions – we want to be representatives of the industry in Brussels

6. To have a permanent office in Brussels – to create a network structure